Canadian Metal band ENTROPY has released 4 albums on their own independent label, ASHEN EXISTENCE (1992), TRANSCENDENCE (1995), E3 (2012), and FORCE CONVERGENCE (2020).

Marking their own eclectic style of Metal, ENTROPY combines Thrash, Death, Prog, Groove and Power Metal stylings to create their own unique sound. ENTROPY albums have shipped from Canada to fans and Metal collectors in over 400 cities, & 46 countries around the globe.

Driven by strong reviews in print and web media for their independent CD releases, and the play of their music video on Much Music, Entropy has performed extensive shows for their fans, playing live with such legendary acts as Annihilator, Fear Factory, Piledriver, Razor, Obituary, and Anvil.

Entropy's independent album releases have become somewhat of an underground Metal collector's item, with on-line reports of eBay bids going up to $500.00 for an original pressing copy of Ashen Existence!

Entropy has re-released their sold-out independent albums, in the exact original art package format, and from direct original digital glass masters, exact in every way to the original CD releases.

Copies of the ENTROPY albums ASHEN EXISTENCE, TRANSCENDENCE, E3 and FORCE CONVERGENCE are now available direct from the band's indy label office, some are signed by the band, and are shipping globally.  CD collectors can request and Order Form for ENTROPY merchandise here:

ENTROPY thanks their fans, and Metal album collectors from around the world, for the continued interest and support of their unique brand of Metal.






Force Conbergence

Force Convergence Out Now!

Metal fans. ENTROPY fans.
Wait no more! Force Convergence has landed!
The album is officialy out now! 

To order a copy of the new CD, you can request an order form at:

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